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Packages that use KvmSerializable
org.ksoap2.serialization This package contains support for the Soap Serialization specification. 

Uses of KvmSerializable in org.ksoap2.serialization

Classes in org.ksoap2.serialization that implement KvmSerializable
 class SoapObject
          A simple dynamic object that can be used to build soap calls without implementing KvmSerializable Essentially, this is what goes inside the body of a soap envelope - it is the direct subelement of the body and all further subelements Instead of this this class, custom classes can be used if they implement the KvmSerializable interface.

Methods in org.ksoap2.serialization with parameters of type KvmSerializable
 void SoapSerializationEnvelope.writeObjectBody(org.xmlpull.v1.XmlSerializer writer, KvmSerializable obj)
          Writes the body of an KvmSerializable object.