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kObjects Utilities

Classes suitable for Android, J2ME and J2SE. For MIDP programs, it may make sense to copy the static methods to a general utils class in order to reduce memory overhead.

Class Package Description Sample
Base64.java org.kobjects.base64 Base 64 encoder / decoder  
BoundInputStream.java org.kobjects.io Input Stream wrapper that reads a fixed amount of bytes from another input stream. Useful e.g. to avoid reading beyond the HTTP content length.  
Crypt.java org.kobjects.crypt Unix-Style password encryption  
IsoDate.java org.kobjects.isodate Convert ISO compliant date strings to Date objects and back Encoding.java
XmlReader org.kobjects.xml A simple XML pull parser, similar to kXML, but not supporting namespaces or legacy events. The JAR file size is less than 5 kB. If you need support for WBXML/WML/WV/Syncml, namespaces, or access to XML comments or processing instructions, please use kXML2 instead. EventList


MIDP-Specific Classes

Class Package Description Sample
ScaleImage.java org.kobjects.lcdui Image scaling (suitable for MIDP 1.0, does not preserve transparency) ScaleImageDemo.java
WordWrap.java org.kobjects.lcdui Word wrap utility  
RmsIndex.java org.kobjects.rms An index implementation for RMS recods (may still be incomplete) RMSIndexTest.java